Kitchen renovation

Today’s kitchens are the hub of the home and where most of our guests end up gathering. The kitchen brings families and friends together throughout the preparation of a good meal. It is also the right space for sharing, laughing and having a drink. Make your kitchen an enjoyable, warm and inviting place.

Espace de Vie recommends these helpful tips to assist renovating your kitchen:

  • Choose new cabinets that combine functionality and storage capacity
  • Benefit from having a faucet mounted above your cooking surface
  • Be bold by mixing textures, finishes and colors
  • Play with the richness of natural stones, the warmth of wood and the elegant reflections of a glossy finish
  • Treat yourself to the comfort of a heatied floor
  • Create a vivid or an enchanting atmosphere with multipurpose lighting

Always at the forefront of the latest trends, we can help you create your own dream kitchen with a focus on both design and ergonomics.